Next Generation Digital Healthcare Week 6

Hope you had a great week. Enjoy this week's edition with top 20 Posts in Digital Healthcare + we have also listed 6 insightful events for the month of February (check below). Hope you have a relaxing read and a great weekend ahead!

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Top 20 of the week

Apple Watch Series 9 Review: From Health Monitoring To Lifestyle Integration | by Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD

Shifting gears: from “rear-view mirror” to “windshield” Medicine in the Digital Health era | by Jose Antonio Martin MD MBA

Digital Health for primary care | by Ravi Nirmal, MD PhD

Revolutionizing Patient Care: The Latest Healthcare Tech Innovations | by Sandesh Reddy

There is more to telehealth technology than just on the provider side | by Rishi Sarna, MD

Responsibly leveraging AI in the healthcare industry | by Giles Platford

Generative AI in Mental Healthcare | by Becca Williams

Transforming Healthcare Equity with Justice AI: A Successful Case Study from Mod Atlas Media | by Christian Ortiz ✊🏽

Five advantages of localized AI deployment in healthcare | by Neil McBain


The Role of Remote Monitoring in Revolutionizing Cardiac Care | by MicroPort

Clinitouch partnership brings remote monitoring tech to the Middle East | by Clinitouch

Wellness Oasis: Transforming the Medical Home | by Liz Kwo MD MBA MPH

AccendoWave - A Pain Data Company | by Martha Lawrence

Apple Watch Series 9 Review: From Health Monitoring To Lifestyle Integration | by Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD

🤔 Ever wondered how exactly virtual wards improve efficiency in hospitals? | by Doccla

An in-depth look at how Medtronic are shaping the future of healthcare innovation in cardiovascular patient remote monitoring | by Felicia Longobardi

Remote hemodynamic monitoring with Abbott #CardioMEMS HF System | by Bryan Ortiz

Breathment Revolutionizes Chronic Respiratory Care with AI-Powered Digital Therapies and Teletherapy | by SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator

Anahi Santiago on Healthcare Cybersecurity in a Connected World | by Medigate by Claroty

The Critical 30 Days: Why Remote Health Management is Vital for CVD Recovery | by Omnyk

Events in February

User-Driven Innovation in a Complex Healthcare Environment by med+Design by Trig | February 13

Digital Health: Fundamentals of FDA Regulation by Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) | February 14

Remote hemodynamic monitoring with Abbott #CardioMEMS HF System by Abbott | February 15


2024 Regulatory & Coding changes by CorroHealth | February 21

HEALTHCARE WEBINAR 2024 by Andersen Lab | February 28

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