Clients success stories

AT&T - Business Messenger

The problem: A lack of an efficient working messenger platform

The process: Nex-Gen team came to help remake the current platform, making it more efficient with the fixing of problematic issues and the integration of new features.

Final solution: A perfectly working business messenger adding long term digital value for the business. A beautiful redesigned platform with a lot of new possibilities: group chats, detailed reports, file sharing, audio messages and a more user-friendly interface.

Vonage - Sales & Support platforms

The problem: A lack of efficient digital platforms for sales & support services

The process: We are developing both the sales and the support systems from back-end to front-end, integrating the Vonage Telephony system with the Zendesk Sales & Zendesk Support platforms.

Final solution: 2 efficient digital apps for sales and support solutions, driving more online customers and long-term profits from the digitization and automation of the business.

The Meet Group - Social video streaming platforms (MeetMe, Skout, Lovoo, Tagged, Growlr)

The problem: Lack of some important features of the current social video streaming platforms

The process: Nex-Gen team developed new back-end micro services, based on top tech systems. More than this, we designed a completely new web based interface of the platform, using ReactJS.

Final solution: New, better working and more user-friendly designed social video streaming platforms that will generate more user-traffic and stable gains for the business in the long run.

Univago / Caregility - Multiple telehealth platforms and applications

The problem: Lack of structured and integrated platforms for telehealth services

The process: Nex-Gen team designed and developed 6 different telehealth applications for the different needs of the business.

Final solution: 6 new effective platforms to facilitate communication between patients and health professionals. With multiple options for management on the side of the doctors, high-quality audio-visual communication between the two parties and 2-side notifications for staying actively updated.

Nynja - A collaborative software for freelancers

The problem: A lack of unified platform for collaboration between freelancers

The process: We designed the idea, developed the front-end of the web app and we are still working on its improvement and integrations of new effective features.

Final solution: A well working software web app for Samsung mobile phones, designed to facilitate a whole eco-system for freelancers where they could find work, exchange expertise and get paid digitally with a special crypto currency, created for this digital program.

HelloOtter - A social communication platform

The problem: A lack of efficiently working communication platform

The process: Our team helped with the redesign of the platform. We were in charge of both the back-end and front-end development, reshaping the system from scratch.

Final solution: A properly working, user-friendly messenger app with high-quality audio-video communication integration. Facilitating user experience and adding long-term benefits for the business.

Clearspan: Web/Desktop collaboration platform

The problem: A lack of a web/desktop communication platform

The process: Our team designed and developed the entire platform, based on Matrix and Element tech systems. We ensure the integration of all the needed features for audio-video communication, as well as the chat messenger options.

Final solution: An efficient digital platform for audio-video calls, facilitating communication between team members and thus ensuring a more efficient working process and long-term value for the business.

Syniverse: Multiple communication platforms and messaging systems

The problem: A lack of integrated platforms for communication

The process: We were in charge of the front-end development of the platforms. We made the integration of the Syniverse Communication Gateway with the Syniverse Messaging API services, so they work more efficiently together.

Final solution: Multiple digital platforms and systems, effectively integrated and working well together for the facilitation of effective communication, making work processes more effective and valuable in the long run.

Syniverse: Two-Way Chat - A customer service platform for the hospitality industry

The problem: A lack of integrated messenger platform for communication with hotel visitors

The process: Our team designed and developed the entire system for customer service management at the hospitality managers side and messenger app with SMS at the hotel visitors side.

Final solution: A digital customer service platform that facilitates the communication between clients and hospitality managers, thus bringing long-term profits and digital value from happy visitors, whose questions and issues are answered fast and easily.

The problem: Lack of an automated booking platform for vacation homes

The process: We were engaged with the entire process: from idea design, web development both back-end and front-end, integrating payment service and delivery of the final digital solution for the client.

Final solution: A well structured and user-friendly website for online bookings of diverse portfolios of vacation homes, ensuring many new online bookings from prospect travelers and long-term value for the business.

Book Any Service Dubai - Service provider portal

The problem: A lack of a web platform for bookings

The process: We designed and developed the efficient web based platform for online bookings. We were responsible for the entire process from designing the idea, creation and delivery of the final product. We used PHP for the back-end development and React for the front-end development.

Final solution: A digital platform for online bookings, enabling all current and future clients to make their online bookings with just a few clicks. The platform has an integrated booking calendar and secure payment options, so the business will gain from a more efficient process and more happy clients in the long run.